Other audience

Other audience

This portal is build for policymakers and professionals

Health Literacy Centre Europe is a portal with information on health literacy and ways to address related issues in policy and practice. Although the portal uses clear and understandable language, it is not possible to avoid technical terms and professional expressions. Patient organisations and consumer interest groups can find abundant information here on topics of community organisation or working with groups op people with low health literacy. This portal does not give access to medical information or health topics in plain language.

Were can you find information for patients and family about health and about communicating with health professionals?

On the internet there are abundant sources of information for patients, family members and other interested persons without medical back ground.

  • The National Health Service in the United Kingdom for example has an easily accessible portal with explanation on a wide range of diseases and health conditions. There are even links patient organisations with specific information for groups of patients and their families. Find website here
  • The US Agency for Health Research and Quality provides explanation to healthcare users and families on the medical processes. What does diagnosis mean, how to handle diagnostic tests? How to manage treatment? How to prepare for a surgical intervention? And many other relevant topics for patients. It also has information and leaflets on staying healthy and prevention. Find website here
  • The US National Cancer Institute maintains a website with information for cancer patients with information on types of cancer, management of the diseases, or issues on coping. Find website here
  • For Dutch speaking people there is the website maintained by the National Society of General Practitioners that is very similar to the NHS website, with information per disease or health condition. Find website here

There is abundant information on the internet, but unfortunately a lot of unreliable or commercial information that confuses rather than clarifies. It is necessary to recognise reliable websites. Find more information here.