Results of the thesis of Adriana Sudzinová convincingly demonstrate the need for improving the prognosis of Roma patients

Cardiologist Adriana Sudzinová successfully defended on December 9 2015 her PhD thesis ‘Roma ethnicity and outcomes of Coronary Artery Disease – Mortality, clinical status and self-rated health’ at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

Cardiovascular disease has become the single largest cause of death worldwide. In her thesis she shows that Roma patients have more risk factors, more severe types of coronary heart disease at entry to cardiologic care than non-Roma patients. Furthermore, Roma seem to be undertreated in the period before care entry compared to non-Roma patients. Roma ethnicity was also strongly associated with higher mortality. After adjustment with gender, age, education, and treatment the difference in mortality remained. These findings are important for policy makers and health care professionals.

In the opinion of Adriana Sudzinová health care professionals should be aware of the ethnic differences in the health status and should adapt their health care process to that. Furthermore, she expects that the prognosis of Roma patients can in particular be improved by enhancement of their access to health care regarding coronary angiography. She expects that improving health literacy skills will contribute to improved access to care.