Mission and vision

Mission and vision

IMPACCT aims to improve the relevance and quality of education of medical and nursing students in Europe through the development, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of an evidence-based and applicable Health Literacy Educational Program (HL-EP) which will enhance the development of required Europe-wide health literacy competencies.

The specific objectives of IMPACCT are:

  1. To facilitate the involvement of relevant European stakeholders (e.g. students, curriculum designers, curriculum coordinators, educational and health professionals, older adults, members of patient organizations) in order to strengthen co-creation during all stages of IMPACCT and promote integration of HL-EP in curricula.
  2. To develop a comprehensive framework for HL-EP including the identification of its core components.
  3. To develop basic and more advanced health literacy Learning Units in order to promote the development of fundamental HL knowledge and skills and prepare students for complex situations in everyday practice.
  4. To implement HL-EP in 8 pilot sites in 4 countries and to assess the impact of the Learning Units on the development of competencies of medical and nursing students, and adapt the HL-EP based on the results.
  5. To promote self-regulated and lifelong learning by the development and testing of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) using the results of the pilots in order to strengthen the fundamental HL competencies of a large number of learners.
  6. To describe quality standards and provide guidance for educational professionals in supporting sustainable changes paving the way for a European standard for supporting quality of care.
  7. To actively disseminate the HL-EP using the Health Literacy Centre Europe (HLCE) and other strategies to reach our target groups.

Primary target groups are:

  1. Undergraduate medical students and nursing students
  2. Health educational professionals (e.g. teachers, educational managers) of medical and nursing institutes
  3. Secondary target groups are (future) health professionals with various backgrounds using the MOOC for their (continuing) professional training.

We have developed an Educational Framework, please click on the following link for more information.