Massive Open Online Courses

Massive Open Online Courses

Part of the IMPACCT project is the development and evaluation of two Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

MOOC 1: Introduction to Health Literacy

The first MOOC will strengthen the fundamental knowledge and skills of health professional students and health professionals to enhance the quality of care and prevention among older adults with low health literacy. MOOC Participants will increase their understanding of the needs of older patients with low health literacy and will increase their knowledge how to recognize health literacy problems. Furthermore, they will learn which strategies can be used to improve comprehension among patients, shared decision-making and self-management of older adults with low health literacy. Dealing with complex situations such as discharge planning or medication adherence will also be addressed in the MOOC. The course will enable students to deal with the diverse population of (older) adults with low health literacy.

MOOC 2: Working Towards Health Literacy Friendly Organisations

Low health literacy among patients is a main barrier for effective prevention and care. MOOC participants will learn how they can improve access to health care services and boost the quality of prevention and care for people with low health literacy. To provide people-centered prevention and care for all patients, it is essential to understand how communication barriers can be reduced in healthcare for people with low health literacy.

This MOOC is for health care professionals, communication experts, students, patient organizations, and other interested persons.  Research has shown that advances in communication tools and strategies has resulted in more comprehensible and supportive communication by health care organizations. This MOOC aims to assist the target group to obtain competencies which they can take advantage of to improve the healthcare system. System changes can only be successful if all people who are part of this system are willing to contribute. Therefore our target group includes people working at all levels of the system such as general practitioners, medical specialists, nurses, pharmacists, communication officers and policy makers. The goal of this MOOC is to equip people working in and around the health system with the necessary competencies to create healthcare systems that are more inclusive towards people who at the moment do not benefit from the services in healthcare equally. Many people and patients who are part of more vulnerable groups such as the elderly, illiterate patients, health illiterate patients, patients with multiple health issues, children, ethnic diverse patients or patients with lower SES, experience a number of barriers when trying to access health systems which leads ultimately to poorer health outcomes. For this reason, it is important to make healthcare systems more accessible and inclusive for anyone and for professionals to practice person-centredness.

Both MOOC’s will be ready in the course of 2020 and accessible via the online learning platform FutureLearn.