Local stakeholder fora

Local stakeholder fora

One of the specific objectives of IMPACCT is to facilitate the involvement of relevant European stakeholders (e.g. students, curriculum designers, curriculum coordinators, educational and health professionals, older adults, members of patient organizations) in order to strengthen co-creation during all stages of IMPACCT and promote integration of HL-EP in curricula. For this reason, the first phase of the project foresees the development of a Local Stakeholder Forum in each participating country.

Who they are:

  • Local Stakeholder Fora (LSF) are composed of about 100 stakeholders per country (600 stakeholders total), such as educational professionals, medical and nursing students, policy-makers, older adults, members of patient organizations, health professionals etc.

Why we include them in the project:

  • To have a better insight in the needs and perspectives of medical and nursing students and health professionals in Europe regarding health literacy education;
  • To get a better understanding of the critical success factors of health literacy education in medical and nursing students;
  • To increase awareness and engagement among stakeholders to address health literacy related issues in education and health care;
  • To increase awareness of existing opportunities to improve the quality of health literacy education for medical and nursing students;
  • To disseminate the results of the IMPACCT Project.

When and how they will be involved:

  • We consult LSF at different crucial stages of the project, in order to carry out a co-creation strategy for the development of the Health Literacy Educational Programme.
  • Participation will be encouraged to participate through invitationsfor events, requests for feedback, focus groups, on-line surveys and interviews.

To get involved: