Facilitators for implementing health literacy interventions

What facilitates implementation of interventions and guidelines on health literacy?

Changing practice or policy is a dynamic and complex process. To implement health literacy interventions or guidelines with success, it is important to understand the factors that may influence implementation in a variety of local contexts.

The list below collects the identified facilitators for implementing interventions or guidelines in healthcare settings. The type of facilitators people will face in their work in prevention, treatment and care of patients will vary. The following list based on implemention research is developed in the context of the IROHLA project which is looking for improving the health literacy of senior population. Being aware of the facilitators or barriers might enhance the identification of barriers or overcoming those barriers to promote successful implementation. This is relevant for professionals involved in the implementation process and developers of health literacy interventions.

The list includes the facilitators for implementing health literacy interventions or guidelines on four levels:

  1. content
  2. patient
  3. professional
  4. organisational

Before starting the implementation of interventions or guidelines, the identification of the specific barriers and facilitators in the local context is needed to design an appropriate and effective implementation strategy.  Co-creation can be a valuable strategy to achieve a successful implementation process. Regular meetings, joint reflection and learning are considered to be crucial for long-term collaboration of implementers of an interventions.

Below you will find the list and references. You can also download the PDF of the list: Download PDF here


Patient level

Professional level


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