Six steps for improving health literacy

Six steps for improving health literacy

Six core components of interventions

Based on extensive literature review and validation studies in the IROHLA project we distinguish six elements Find more information here. These six elements all provide a valuable contribution towards improvement of health literacy. Their synergetic effect can result in a health literate society for older people.

  1. Inform and educate Find more information here.
  2. Teach skills Find more information here.
  3. Support behavioral change Find more information here.
  4. Strengthen the support from the local community Find more information here.
  5. Involve older people in the design of health services Find more information here.
  6. Reduce the barriers to access to healthcare Find more information here.

Further information is provided on these elements on this portal.

Six core components – six steps

Below we propose the six steps towards a health literate society for older people, based on the six core elements from the IROHLA model.

  • Steps 1-3 address knowledge, skills, and attitudes of people with low health literacy, their relatives and community members, as well as health professionals and managers working in healthcare.
  • Steps 4-6 address paradigm shifts in the health system and contribute to reducing barriers to access to prevention and care.

For individuals


For communities and organisations