Related health literacy projects and networks

Related health literacy projects and networks

A large range of initiatives or projects in different countries promote health literacy during the life course. Many initiatives, interventions and policies are described on this portal. Please increase the knowledge base of this portal and provide us with information on important projects in your country!

European projects are:

Diabetes Literacy project – Diabetes Literacy is a pan European project aimed at strengthening patient self-management by exploring what exists and works, as well as the potential for improvement. On this website we want to inform you about the project and about our major themes: diabetes literacy, self-management, prevention, health education and and economic aspects of diabetes care in Europe. Find website here

European Health Literacy Project (HLS-EU) – The European Health Literacy Project (2009-2012) has establishing a European Health Literacy Network, developed an instrument for measuring health literacy in populations in Europe and made a comparative assessment of health literacy in European countries. Find website here

HEALIT4EU – The study HEALIT4EU has produced a state-of-the art insight into intervention studies on health literacy that are performed in EU Member States, policies, programmes and actions that are being initiated and implemented in EU Member States, and the possibility to estimate health literacy levels using a prediction model. The study found that EU member states have a national level policy (Austria, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom). However, policies and initiatives on health literacy were identified in sixteen (16) EU Member States. Download PDF here