IROHLA Documentation

IROHLA Documentation

The IROHLA project is a scientific project, with financial support from the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development. Researchers in the project have produced a number of scientific publications or submitted publications to journals for review. In the coming months and year more publications will follow because it takes time to produce research reports. A mid-term report you can find here, a list of publications is published  here.

IROHLA presentations

In many conferences and scientific meetings IROHLA representatives gave presentations on the project, for example during the annual conference of the European Alliance for Education for Adults Find download here

Policy Briefs

The project produced two policy briefs. One is for national level policy makers, explaining how healthcare would benefit from inclusion of health literacy in health programs Find download here. The second one is for practitioners and brings together evidence from health literacy research to inspire health workers to take action Find download here. The policy briefs translate scientific research into clear and unambiguous recommendations in language that is understandable for everyone.


A brochure bout the IROHLA project results was developed that promotes a comprehensive approach, called ‘Making healthy ageing a reality’.


From the start of the project, EuroHealthNet and AGE-Platform maintained a website with information on activities, best practices and actual news on health literacy. The website continues to communicate project activities.
This web portal Health Literacy Centre Europe gathers and summarises all of the information we have collected, reviewed and validated over three years in an easily accessible way. The advantage over paper documentation is that it is easier to navigate and identify specific information and that it will be updated as new information comes in and new evidence is developed.