HLCE Mission and Vision

HLCE Mission and Vision


The mission of the Health Literacy Centre Europe (HLCE) is to promote health literacy research, education and practice and to increase its societal impact.


The HLCE presents evidence based and reliable information on health literacy and its effects. This will improve understanding of health literacy among stakeholders, support them in taking action to improve health literacy in practice and policy and stimulate innovation and collaboration in and between different sectors.

Knowledge cycle

  • We contribute actively to the knowledge cycle by sharing results of health literacy research, education development and policy development with different stakeholders from different sectors.
  • We provide a large body of knowledge on health literacy during the life course in an attractive and easy to find way.
  • We offer practical advice and tools on how to improve health literacy for easy implementation in practice and policy.
  • We stimulate collaboration between stakeholders to improve implementation of health literacy improvement actions.
  • We distribute the in IROHLA developed guideline for developing health literacy policy across Europe and can provide active support in applying the guideline.
  • The HLCE wants to stimulate the further development of health literacy research and advocate for the topic of health literacy to be an important part of education  of health care workers.


Interactive platform to stimulate the knowledge cycle

In order for the HLCE to do all this, we need support from policymakers, professionals, researchers and other relevant stakeholders in the field of health literacy and educational development. That is why this portal is an interactive platform to stimulate the knowledge cycle.